How To Add Facebook Comments Box To Blogger Blog or websites

      In this article i’m going to discuss about ow to Add Facebook Comments Box for Blogger. If you have lot of visitors in your facebook, Facebook Comments box also help you to make your blog to directly interact with the admin and other visitors, Hence

How To Shutdown/turn off your PC/Laptop using Pen Drive

     Usually we shutdown the computer or the  laptop by continuous pressing or holding the power button to shut down your PC for few seconds, You can also able to shutdown the computer using pen drive. Just the notepad tricks you can use the same technique in

How To Add a Background Music/Song In Website or Blogs

     It is really amazing while  Surfing on Website/Blog in the google search engine, automatically start to play Music when webpage is loaded. You can choose the best theme to decorate your blog or your website. In additional to that you can add the background music

How to check your pen drive and Memory Card original or fake

Technology is growing up vast nowadays , and at the same time scams are increasing in the other side ,Many of us will  consider only the price and the storage capacity of the storage device, will fell for the cheaper rate in the local markets , while

How to Turn a Scanned Document Into Microsoft Word Document

 You can scan a document and convert the text into a format data that you can edit with a word processing program.The process is very simple , here i’m discussed by the two methods by the microsoft office document imaging and by  installed programs in the Control Panel Scan

How to Find CommentLuv / KeywordLuv Enabled Blogs for Commenting

     There are millions of blogs in the internet world. As the blogger, you have the responsibility  to comment in the quality article.Commenting in the blog is the effective way to get the dofollow backlinks instantly, It will increase the traffic to your website and  it

How to transfer Balance from one mobile to another mobile

     There is the easy way to transfer the talk time from one mobile to the another,  This emergency situation will happen to everyone mobile for the prepaid mobile number. Sometime we are in the outside and the mobile is in empty balance , in the urgent

How To Book Railway Ticket online on irctc

     In the past article, i’m discussed about how to open the account in the IRCTC. As we discussed in the past article, Most of the Indian population depending on the train transport only.  So only all the railway ticket will sell very quickly.  Most of the train

How to be a Successful Blogger

     Blogging seems to be the easy money making way.  We can easily start our profession as the blogging, But it was hard to become successful, We can’t able to become a successful blogger in overnight.  You can able to make 1000 dollar in over night. You

Top 9 Blogging communities to promote your blog

    There are many  organic  ways to generate traffic  to your post through guest blogging, sharing  your post regularly on Social Media like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Etc,commenting on other blogs.  By that ways there is another greatest way to generate traffic to your blog is  Blogging