How to make internet too fast

automotive     hai friends in this post will be defined how to the grow up your internet speed. with simple and easy ways   Day hatred in today’s Internet users reached at low speed

how to make internet too fast


                           if you search anything in internet please avoid the visit to famous sites because that sites will be processed large scale of space and also that sites will be used for many users in the at the same time


                          The most important reason  slow processing speed of  internet is downloading  the vast videos , images ,files , applications .

Unwanted files 

                          The another reason for the system will be slow is The place is stuffed with unnecessary files so please delete the that unnecessary files and also delete recycle bin and temp file.Convenient place to put the computer to run faster.


                           Through the use of new software and hardware in the system increases the speed of the Internet So you’re on your computer, launch the software and hardware in the new market should be used.

Time to use :

The night  time will increase the speed of the system compared with day time  because of  users of internet is less than day time.