While using Word document or Excel Spread sheet . we must notify the computer virus can scan in your hard drive, it may look like password, you should use secure password management. It encrypt your password. It have convenience of  access without risk.

Agile’s1 password is available in windows,Mac and mobile devices.  But you cannot forget master password for 1password, you cannot recovering it. 


KeePass is open source free available in window, Mac and mobile devices. you can use key file stored in USB drive or CD. you can import or export various file format.


 Otherwise Splashdata’s Splash ID KeySafe is intriguing option. It is a USB drive with both Mac and window versions of Splash ID software


 Mac users may be interested to know that you can use the built-in KeyChain software (under Applications, Utilities on your Macintosh HD) as an encrypted password manager.