Now you can disable command prompt(DCP) in window XP/7. In command prompt ,you can execute  batch files,ping remote server. it may chance to harm when sharing your PC with others.


                To overcome these problem, you need to disable command prompt in computer.


Step to disable command prompt


step1->Go to START and then RUN and press key+ R

step2->Type ‘regedit’ in RUN and press ENTER

step3->then in browser ‘local computer policy’ >> ‘user configuration’>> ‘administrative templates’  >> ‘system’

step4->’ Prevent access to command prompt’ will shown

step5->Double click the value. this image will shown in your window.




step6->select ENABLED tab in window

step7-> Restart your computer then command prompt will display on your system.


                            These are the easy way to disable command prompt on windowXP/7/Vista.