While installing the window on your computer ,it may cause fault in window files. then system will shut down or some error message will display while working on system. you need to reinstall that leads to data loss.


   Another biggest problem in reinstalling is all the program installed in your computer are formatted . it waste your time too and cause bad impact on your RAM ,Motherboard and hard disk.

To overcome all these issues, there are few ways to repair the corrupted window installation without losing any data.

To avoid unexpected error

                               Copy all the content from desktop and save in drive except window drive to avoid data lose. Note all the name of programs installed on your computer.


Steps to repair corrupt window without data lose


step1->Insert window CD in disk drive.

step2->Go to START then RUN and press CTRL+R. then RUN dialogue box will open

step3->Type the command given below in RUN box

                                                  sfc /scan-now

step4-> press ENTER button

                  your computer will start reading all the window files. it will replace the faulted files in fresh file from window CD.

step5-> After completed processing just  RESTART  your computer.

                         In this way you may avoid time consuming window installation without losing any data.