There are more shiny android tablet with more options, while phones are all fine and good, to be a truly hardcore mobile gamer you need a bigger screen, faster processor and ultimately a richer gaming experience


Nexus 7 second generation:

   It is the joint master product of asus and google. my first choice is nexus 7 , second version is most hardcore list with  7.02 inch power house  features a 5MP rear-facing camera (with 1.2MP user-facing), surround-sound emulating speakers, a lightning-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, Bluetooth capability andWi-Fi or 4G LTE. choice between 16 and 32 GB of storage, which is pretty standard, portability and graphic capability. It’s pretty small, and at less than 9mm thick,19 00×1200 pixel display gives it the highest resolution


Nexus 10 second generation:

 Nexus series 10-inch version has 5MP rear-facing camera,  1.9MP user-facing for video chatting on the huge, gorgeous screen. it also packs a 300 pixels-per-inch resolution with a really powerful graphics processor. The processor with moldering speeds, too. but it is hard for portability.


Kindle fire HD:


 It is full-fledged tablets. Kindle is more than the reader,run an Android-derived OS .There are 16GB and 32GB options for this 8.9-inch powerhouse and it’s perfect for the readers and gamers .


Kindle fire HDX:

 With a quad-core processer,  Storage options range from 16GB all the way up to 64GB, making it pretty versatile for gamers who want to load up their device with tons of games. and it offer with low price.


Galaxy note 10.1:

In 2014, it will come with more sexy stylish model, It boasts a “magazine-style” user experience, an 8MP, full HD camera and even a leather back . The quad-core processor sits at 1.3GHz for each one (and 2.3 for the LTE model), making this lightning fast tablet as great for gaming.


Samsung galaxy mega:

 Its 6.3 inch thin, especially for gamers who want a small screen, good resolution . It also boasts a dual-processor chip at 1.7GHz each. for small and portable (but power).


Samsung galaxy tab 3:

 It is the basic level tablet.It’s small with a 7-inch display, portable, sleek and it doesn’t  for tactile gimmicks of the Note 10.1, such as the leather back and included stylus. Its low resolution and low price.


Sony xperia z:

 It offers the look of a Bravia TV, super-fast dual-core processor speeds and a decent 13MP camera to boot. It features a 10.1-inch screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution and that super impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. As a bonus, “water-resistant.”

Motorola xoom:

 They’re nice-sized devices with beautiful screens and pretty tried-and-true UX. The front and rear cameras don’t break any molds at 5 and 2 MP,beautifully sharp screens at such a low price point. cheaper than most of the other HD models.


Asus TF 700T:

 It is 10.1 inches of quick-action gaming glory, because it boasts a full-fledged 1.6 GHz dedicated NVIDIA graphics processor.  with a standard detachable keyboard (similar to, but arguably better than the (Windows Surface keyboard)  It’s a great little device from a tried-and-true brand.