Video editing software became more popular and essential because of  the popularity of social media and online video sharing at its peak. For our convenience to save money, you can use some video editing tools which are free of charge. between many video editing software Different types of editing software fill different needs and expect different amounts of expertise and experience




Avidemux is a free and powerful video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks.  It is compactable foe window, mac, linux. Avidemux is available for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows under the GNU GPL license. The software is regularly updated on the website with the changes reflecting in the download packages.






Blender is a powerful, mighty, professional level open-source 3D rendering software  creation which supports all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. It offers a list of features rarely seen in even paid software including but not limited to : Modelling, Rigging, real time 3D/Creation. It is surely not the easiest tool to learn out there but it does have its perks once you familiarize yourself with it. it is compactable for Windows, Mac, Linux & FreeBSD.




Video pad bs


Videopad is free easily usable video editing software allows you to  create professional quality movie projects from various video clips or a single video file. It’s main draw is its intuitive interface and the moderate learning curve. Edit and create videos in formats supported by a wide range of devices such as PSPs, Ipods, Pocket PCs, Mobile Phones… .This full featured video editor lets you create professional looking videos with transitions, effects, music and narration in minutes, making your video look impressive and most importantly sharable. it is compactable for window and mac.






 Wax is a high performance and flexible video editing program which is good for both home users and professionals. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in to other video editors. it is an  advanced video editing tool that can add 2D and 3D effects to your videos apart from doing various other kinds of video editing tasks.It supports many video formats and also can create 3D viewing mode. It’s perfect for both beginners and professional users. 




Window movie maker


In windows XP OS PC, you can make your own videos, and then edit the picture, audio effects for better viewing. Microsoft has many add-ons for this movie maker. it is still very limited as far as functionality stand point.

it is compactable for windows.




IMovie apple-imovie-app-logo


                    Apple’s movie making software, it comes bundled with the iLife suite for all Macintosh desktops and laptops. A simple video editing software, it has an impressive array of features. With an easy drag-and-drop functionality that makes cropping and adding music a breeze, and real-time previewing available, iMovie packs all of the basics in an easy-to-master interface.





Jahshaka jahshaka-logo


                             Jahshaka is an Open Source real-time video and audio editing and effects system. Jahshaka takes advantage of the power of OpenGL and Open Libraries to power its engine. It can handle real-time image processing with node based effects; editing in DV, SD, HD and film; real-time 3D compositing and Flash animation (up to 32k matte layers),OpenGL-based paint; and a text module. Jahshaka works on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.