The electronic devices like computer,laptop, tablets, phones, smartphones may communicate with other similar devices through the various cables, wires, infrared light beams, radio signals or through main connectors, plugs and protocols.


There are many ways of connecting devices to one another, few ways are:


  • Bluetooth
  • Component cables
  • Electrical wires
  • Ethernet cables
  • Wi-Fi
  • Infrared signals
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)




Things to concern for other device communication


when 2 devices will connect few things to note,whether about the wire or wireless signals, the essential of wires whether we use it or not, time to transfer the data and the type of protocol use for communication.


Way to connect Bluetooth





Bluetooth is wireless, automatic and inexpensive device. it connect in small area networking and it is a radio frequency standard agreed to physical level and to protocol level,when bits are sent, how many will be sent at a time, and how the parties in a conversation can be sure that the message received is the same as the message sent . so it transmit low power radio waves.


Operation of Bluetooth


Bluetooth communicate on frequency of 2.402GHz  to 2.480GHz. When Bluetooth-capable devices come within range of one another, an electronic conversation takes place to determine whether they have data
to share or whether one needs to control the other.Bluetooth users can establish “trusted devices” that can exchange data without asking permission.


With Bluetooth,  the automatic nature of the connection, which is a huge benefit in terms of time and effort, is also a benefit to people looking to send you data without your permission.