Facebook is most popular socializing website help to connect with friends in all over the world. Comparing to the previous year facebook applications and games are being increased drastically in numbers and the users are put into a serious trouble of getting unwanted app or game requests continuously. but it is not the fault of our friends, it is mostly done by facebook applications and  Games request to get more points or to achieve the next level.

Mostly we avoid all those critereas , If you accept all the application invites from Facebook friends, they can really clutter up your news feed as well as your profile wall.

If you want to avoid these annoying application disturbances, spam games and event invites from specific facebook friends, few steps are there to follow in settings option of facebook


 Steps to block game, application requests , event invites


  •          Login to Your Facebook Account and     Click on “Gear icon”  at the right top. and In drop down menu click on “Account Setting”
  •           Screen will open the “Privacy settings” page where you can customize different settings related with your Facebook profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose “Block Lists”




  •               then   go to the “Block Application invites” section and enter the name of the friend whom you want to block. 



  •     then again go to account setting, click on “Notifications”.  then Click on “Edit” besides “App requests and activity”.
  •     When you click on Edit, you’ll see list of Apps and Games that you were receiving Notification







  • Simply uncheck any game or app that you don’t to want to receive notification  and tick those games.


                            This is a useful feature if you want to trim down the application invitations received from a large number of Facebook friends.Now you will not receive notifications from the apps and games and event invites  that you have unchecked.