Mostly facebook users check their account daily many times.  they want to keep in touch with your Facebook friends the live chat box, which allows you to virtually talk to any friends even show their status as offline like you. by few steps you can easily  hide your online status in facebook .



First you log in to the facebook setting and click the chat setting. To hide your online status, click on “Options”, the link at the top right hand corner of the pop-up box. This will give you a  different options, such as Go Offline, Pop out Chat, and the ability to adjust your preferences, like playing sounds for new messages and keeping online friends windows open. T  then select ‘turn off chat ‘ to all your friends. that will disable all your friends available in facebook.

Now in ‘message’ section you can see  all your friends will see you offline and all the incoming chats will be store, which denotes you will not get notified instantly whenever someone sends you a message or starts a conversation with you.


 if you want to in offline only for selected people only, again   click on’ the settings’ icon from the right chat sidebar and go to “Advanced Settings“. you can notify the another 3 option “Turn on chat for all friends except…” in which you include the name of your friends to whom you want to disable the chat function,  “Turn on chat for only some friends…“. You can include here the names of your Facebook friends to whom only you want to go online, the rest of all will then see you offline,  “Turn Off Chat” which can be selected if you want to disable the chat feature and go offline to everyone available in your friend list.


Then  when  you go offline, go to the search box on the top of your facebook page and type ONLINE NOW . Click on the first result that you get in the ‘search box’. You must be seeing the facebook page of ONLINE NOW. Click on Go To Application.




 You must be seeing all your online friends while you being offline on facebook chat. Now you can escape from frustrating when someone annoys you through Facebook chat by sending useless and meaningless messages. So, in such a case, you will surely want to go offline to such people so that you can use Facebook chat properly and talk with other peacefully.