Everyone has the curiosity that who viewed my profile but few don’t know the way. One of the most common Facebook questions is how do you see who views your facebook profile You know that feeling where you are having a sneaky look at a friend’s profile on Facebook and you are so happy that they can’t actually see that you are checking them out? Well it has just become a thing of the past thanks to a new application called Fan check just launched on Facebook that allows you to see who is stalking you . 


Therefore lets begin this trick follow some simple steps to a way to find out who visited your facebook profile works without any applications now.


Steps to findout facebook profile viewer            


  • First of all, log in into your Facebook account.
  • Now press Ctrl+U from your keyboard.
  • You will get a Source Code of your profile.
  • Now press Ctrl+F to open the search box.
  • Type this in your search box  


  • Now you find some numbers like 






  • These are nothing but the Facebook profile ID`s of your friends who visited you recently.Every user has an Unique ID.
  • The first Facebook profile ID is the more active and mostly visited your profile and last ID is inactive and visited only few times.
  • If you want to findout the persons ,open a new tab and enter this in the address bar.

                                                www.facebook.com/Facebook Profile ID

  • Now replace “Facebook profile ID” in the above link with the ID`s of your friends.

                                         For example: www.facebook.com/1000003344623


 This is the new and safer way to see who views your Facebook Profile.

But if your trying to look for a person who is not in your Friends List then that is a problem because even though there lots of apps claiming that they can help you see who’s viewing your Facebook profile outside your list, unfortunately they don’t deliver the right one.