Nowadays  facebook news feed update that is going to be revolutionary in bringing more clean user interface with faster navigation social feature’s. they displays too much of matter  seems to display as bulky. many  have developed a chrome extension that can bring that same user interface right now to your desktops.  right side of bar that contains links to your chatting friends, pages and other things are all covered your pages. Your status and news feed’s is now much more larger with that same large pictures enabled in it.



    you see the same in system and mobile .You have to Go to the above link and scroll down to see the “Give it a try” button and click on it. Once you are done you might see that the text inside the button changes to You’re on the List.Facebook’s updates will effectively eliminate boring, non-engaging stories from the news feed.

New facebook new feed to your advantage


To change as my advantage , to show things what I really want to see. among many users to cross the barriers reach the person cut down lot of content engaged off.


your notification will come up at right side shown in new update. now you get amazing chrome extension that could replicate the entire latest feed news update of Facebook.  this link will display on screen for new facebook new feed.



The extension really gives a deep look into the update but its not that consistent because as soon as you refresh you might face some jerk’s and your right sidebar might be out without hovering on it so that can be tolerated but its not a perfect update.

fb update


Now you can engage with the specific person  frequently eliminate lot of content.The concept behind Facebook’s news feed update is simple – the posts with the most likes, comments, & shares will be displayed more frequently in the news feed . you  need to interact with the user in regular basis to stay relevant. it is the chance to resurface your homepage looks pretty