More than million users using facebook nowadays. day by day like facebook popularity. hacking also getting increased. it is time be more secure.they are also improving their spamming filters so lots of peoples gets blocked temporary and sometime permanently. few tips are


Status updating

Don’t post in unknown person’s wall or in other friend’s wall then you may get blocked for temporary. Most of us who have blog like to promote there articles and website publicity in other’s wall  site in various groups and pages and may it will successful of them but sometime by doing over promotion they are the main chances to get blocked.

 If you really want to promote your blog or website than you can share 5-10 times a day in most famous pages and groups.otherwise  if you will do again and again same process  is not good, such as words against anyone or to any groups of peoples, uploading and sharing photos which leads to guide blocking.


Friend request

Main reason behind getting blocked is this issue. most of us sending friend request to unknown persons. they may get temporarily blocked,. we can use a Facebook applications named Pending Friend Requests. It will simply show all pending requests and it will directly lead you the profile of the person you want to cancel friend request. So then track who didn’t yet respond to your friend request this app will be very helpful to all of you.

  if you send request to a person and they  didn’t get any response but still you continue sending friend requests to other peoples. It is important to send friend requests to only known personas that is for what Facebook is made for and also now.

 Facebook also ask while accepting or ignoring any friend request that you really know the person outside of Facebook or not and if you get so many “no” than you probably get your account temporary blocked. So always think some more time before sending any friend request to your friends.


Blocking alert


 If you get blocked temporarily for particular reason , don’t do the same mistake again, otherwise this time they may increase the block time or even your account will get  permanently blocked. mainly blocking means been punished, while that is just a little warning from them so you didn’t do such mistakes again in future. If you continue doing mistakes than there is no result except permanent block from them to your account.


Spam message


Most of the people share the bad link or which can pay them money (such as link shortners who pays for views) with their friends by using status update or in message. if anyone did that job, ask them to stop than Facebook may block you for it also.

If any of your friend click on spam button which is at chat box or message page than Facebook will chance to infect your account and if they notice any  spam than you may even permanently blocked, however most of peoples get temporary block only.

                     These tips are helpful to keep your facebook account safe from getting blocked.