how to know about your internet speed

untitleduntitlednet speeduntitleduntitled    hai friends if you know about your internet speed easy method shown below :


  In some cases, the Internet is very slow to act on your own in the cases of some simple ways to calculate the speed of your Internet’ll find here

Is a website that helps us in times /untitledWe can learn the speed of the Internet  First / please type in the URL of the Google search engine untitled

the following website will be help to you find speed test Using the above link calculate to your speed of internet

The simple steps of begin speed test of internet:


 First, use the link above Speed ​​Test Internet site to go and the speed test window will open and the top corner of the window will be shown begin test


 you will click the begin test option use of mouse pointer in speed test window it will be processing result of the speed of internet.

                            speed test 2


If the result is beyond the 2.50 is adquote  speed  of intenet it will be calculate the speed of download bits if the download speed is increases 2.50 and above , 100kb per second will download and above


speed test 3

  End  of the result will be shown and also that will be shared  facebook and twitter.