line-app-logo    Line application is the most popular message application. Line is a cross platform messaging app which allow additional feature to make free calls and that too in unlimited volume. There are no limits on how much you can use Line on PC, Android, iPhone, Nokia and BlackBerry. 


    LINE has been ranked no. 1 in the free app category in 44 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and more.


Features of line app


  •                    The main feature or benefit that the Line allows unlimited voice calls. The quality depends on your data connection speed and it works on both cellular and Wi-Fi data connection. Off course, the one you’re calling to must have the same app on Android, iPhone installed.


  •                       Now you can send unlimited text messages free of cost through Line app. Line app can be used for sending messages across any mobile platform.   It’s an instant messenger which delivers all your messages instantly. Line app uses your internet connection to send all the messages, so you just need to have a reliable internet connection.


  • Have fun with LINE’s ‘Home’ feature: Share your moments with all your friends using photos, videos, and location info. Use ‘Timeline’ to see what your friends have been up to and what they have posted! Leave comments, messages and enjoy your communication.


  • Chat with many friends at once using the fast and easy group chat . Create or join groups as you wish and chat with up to 100 people at once.


  • You can make your conversation look great by the use of different looking smileys and stickers. You must be using stickers already on Facebook. The use of smileys and stickers adds more fun to the conversation and that’s what Line app devices.


  •   You can also play games with your friends through this app.


How to install line app on PC

Here is the few steps to download line app on official version . you can download Line for PC directly from their website and its available for Windows 7, Mac OS X as well as Windows.

Download line for PC window




  • Go to the website , click on “Line App Download”
  •  A window will popup, just click to download the software you need with respect to the kind of operating system you are using.


Depending on the operating system you are using, the method of installation might slightly differ.


  •  After clicking on “Line App Download” select the button for “Windows”.
  •  Choose a folder where you to save the .exe file that is about to download
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Double click on the downloaded file for the installation to start
  •  Keep clicking the next button until the installation is complete.


Download line for window 8


the link is

                        Download LINE for WINDOW8

  • After clicking on “Line App Download” choose the “Windows 8” button
  •  You will then be taken to Microsoft App Store where you will be requested login to your account before the installation can take place.


                In contrast to Windows 7 which only requires a setup file, using Windows 8, you will need your PC to stay connected to the net throughout the installation process. If your connection is fast, it may take less than a minute to install.


Download line App for MAC OS


    The link  for downloading line app is        

         Download LINE for MAC OS

  •       After clicking on “Line App Download” select the button for “Mac OS X”
  •  You will then be taken to the Mac App Store to continue the installation process.
  •  You will be requested to login to your account for the process to complete.


                           If you already registered with Line using your smartphone, you can just rely on the same email and password you used to create the account to login on the app installed on your PC. if it is your first time to use Line, you will need a phone number to be able to activated your account on the PC. in the process of activating your account, you will need to enter a code that will be sent to your devices.

Download line for iPhone, android, nokia and blackberry


As above links and descriptions it is also the same way to download and install line application in smart devices.


link to download line for iphone

                                   LINK TO DOWNLOAD LINE FOR IPHONE

link to download line for android

                                   link to download LINE for Android


link to download line for nokia


                                    link to download line for nokia


link to download line for blackberry

                                 link to download LINE for blackberry


                      As per the above way you install line app to your smart phones… now you can download and enjoy spending time with your friends with low cost rates.