passwords is identification of secured account details of one specific persons it is  unique and ancient one. it is the magical key of opening your secured  account details. so it is our duty to protect the key in many hackers in the internet they will do hacking other’s passwords easily .


 passwords are classifying words, numbers, symbols and also cases.  it will be determine your strength of secured data files. if you can one secret password it will be known yourself only . that type of password is called as strong password in that passwords will not hacking anyone easily the strong passwords will be used ATM’s, internet banking, online marketing, email and etc     .


how to create the strong/secure passwords in Special Occasions : 


In the world we all are have individual specify name and special icon . similarly we all are have create specified strong password in our secured data is essential

unique password:

if you create strong password. it becomes only  yours personal identification .that will surely any one of the person will not  use it. that is called as unique password.

Less  convenient :

Few create or make easiest passwords like “12345” ,”password”,”name” or “phone numbers”, or otherwise “date of birth” for their convenient . it very dangerous one of the security of data because the hackers will hack their account easily . So the length of the password is secure but the convenient level is less .

keep your password  secret :

  Few lazy people will do write down their  password in any of the paper or cover or enter the computer it is also bad habit . it will be easily to any one can use your account.


content of strong  passwords :

The strong passwords covers letters, numbers, symbols, and also cases for example “Admin@3809” if this content covers uppercase letters numbers and also special characters so it will be difficult to trace or track the password .

Use of phrases : 

If you want to create a strong password, use phrases Only you know,  like “star tv is my favorite  “in this type of  phrases is helpful to you build strong password .