In gmail account , the Advertisement is apparently show up in email. To change the way, in our inbox is organised by adding tabbed catagories . Just note the ‘Promotion’ at right side to organize email. This is why you might start seeing sponsored or Gmail ads in the form of emails like seen in the image below.

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Gmail will allow  accurate and contextual advertisement of Gmail. it allow popular and at same time it wont allow to spam too much. you might check those properly, otherwise it allow to sent advertisement mails everyday.. There are few ways to op out in ad settings.

How to rid off the Ads in Gmail


When you sign in to gmail, visit LINK TO RID OFF ADS IN GMAIL. and go right upto the end of the ad preferences page.



Then google willnot stop sending Ads to inbox after rid off in the gmail. it means thy will send data to target us , something they will targeted random ads to email.