Google chrome

    Google chrome is the one of the most used Web Browser in internet. Google chrome is freeware web browser developed by Google, it is third most used web browser of the world . Google chrome is based on internet explorer and fire fox , it is  user friendly web browser of beginners,  if the reason of used chrome is very fast and secure to users , its main strength is used java script applications . it gives lot of applications to users, so chrome is monopoly to web . in this  post we know simple and easy Google chrome  shortcut keys.


How to use Google chrome shortcut keys :


Open the new window:

  If you want to open new window in google chrome press Ctrl +N it will be create a new window . to continous work in new window.


Open the new tab:

if you want to be open new tab in google chrome press Ctrl+T  inside of the google window .


Print the current page :

Press Ctrl +P it will help us print the current  page of google chrome if you want .


Save the current page :

 If you want save the current page press Ctrl+S to save the chrome window


Find bar :

If you want find any thing in google chorme window press Ctrl+F  it will help us to find anything in open current window easily .


Bookmark : 

Some webpage,we want  often used it that  situation ,we save  the re page required is called bookmark.  in the chrome window  press Ctrl+D the bookmarking popup menu will appear if you will  bookmark required webpage. it  shortcut key to bookmarking the required   site. 


 If you want require your old relevant webpage,  in that  case the chrome will gives stored all webpages you used  in history page  , press Ctrl+H is open the history page  it contains date wise data, on your primitive websites .



The main reason to use website is downloaded data, information, picture, video, audio, and anything.  at the time press Ctrl+J, shortcut key is helpful downloaded data if you required  


Reload and refresh: 

In some cases, certain hazards on loading the website or webpage. at that time press F5 in the shortcut key is reload and the refresh the site.


Stop the action:

 If you want stop current  page is  loading  simply, press Esc button to stop the action of loading 


Scroll down  the web page:

If  you want scroll down the webpage, you will used Backspace to scroll down current window.


Top of page : 

  If you require go to top of the window press  Home key to go top of the page 


End of window:

If you want to go last page of window, press End key to go to end of  the page