The Incognito mode   which can also be referred to as private browser is a feature supported by Google Chrome, it enables its users to browse in stealth mode. The history and other files that drops on  your PC from websites you visit while you are on incognito mode are not recorded in your browsing and download histories.


 All new cookies are also deleted after you close all incognito windows, but changes you make to your Google Chrome bookmarks and general settings while you’re in incognito mode are always saved. Incognito mode is recommended for those who browse in private  and want to make sure the browser doesn’t spoil the surprise the next time she uses your system


Way to open the incognito window from the menu


When you open a window in incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N), for MAC use shift +N . your cookies from the standard session are no longer available and you can easily log in to a new Google account.


Click the Spanner Menu as wrench icon on your top right corner of the screen  and Select the New Incognito Window as below



It  bring up a new incognito window without entering the Chrome settings menu. To identify an incognito window, look to the top-left corner of the browse as below




 When you close the incognito window, all the cookies are deleted so you need to log in again the next time you browse in incognito mode. This trick can be used for any other services that allow multiple accounts, but you can only use two accounts at the same time as one in a standard window and the other one in incognito mode.


 This incognito mode help you for your privacy. Especially if you’re not the only one use your PC or laptop and you would like to keep some privacy that you don’t want to allow others to track your browsing activities, this feature is the best for you.