Nowadays our banking being theft by many hackers. We need the way to avoid being hacked. We rattle off 3 securities bu using a long phrases or symbols in password , setup 2 web browsers where in  2 computer,keep sensitive data  walled off from everything and on websites that offer it, sign up to receive text-message alerts if someone tries to break into your account.


We need to follow the forth safeguard too:


 Don’t use paperless billing, where it is not eco-friendly. but for our convenient we need to use it. it  cause problem in security where think before printing in email signature.  But nowadays criminals are increasingly using them to siphon money out of people’s bank accounts without them ever knowing it.

They do this by initiating wire-transfer requests the moment a victim logs into an online banking account. And, even spookier, they change the account balance and transaction history you see on your screen to hide the fraud. They use malicious code that kicks in after the user has logged into their bank’s website.


As our account could show a full balance online but actually be empty. The only way you’d find out is if you went over the limit or if you see it on a paper statement that’s mailed to your home.


  Cyber static become mainstream , due to rise in mobile banking.The criminals often steal small amounts each time victims log into their accounts, to avoid detection.So if you do a lot of online banking, consider getting paper statements ,paper isn’t so easily hackable.