3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing. 3D printing is exactly made of process influence the manufacturer works. T he 7 things you probably didn’t know about 3D printing.

3D printing started with laser: 


 when computers would trace a pattern that was submerged in a liquid polymer. The traced pattern hardened into a layer, laser can  built an object out of plastic. Creating 3D plastic objects through this layering, or additive technique called ‘stereolithography’.


Modern 3D printing work like your inkjet:


In 2014 a newer method of 3D printing is called material extrusion. By this method, a printer builds up an object out of matter that is pushed from a mechanical head, in some ways just like your inkjet produces text on a page by extruding ink onto paper.


3D printing for anything:


Now you can  create things out of concrete, synthetic stone, ceramics through 3D printing. Some 3D printers are pushing the with substances such as metal  laying down fine layers of stainless steel or aluminium, and then using a laser or an electron beam to glue them together.


For less waste:


With 3D printing,  You build up an object from the base material. For  implications, the amount of waste associated with each manufactured part. Avoiding drilling, cut and filling the base material leads to  a heap of leftover scrap material.                           


Riskless manufacturing:


With 3D printing, one no longer has to make thousands of a product to reap the benefits of
setting up a facility to make the piece. Manufacturing becomes more nimble and less financially risky.


Customer oriented:


  A home goods maker could craft offerings to particular regions, climates, and lifestyles without having to convince their board or partners that millions of buyers are ready to pay.


Stronger local business models:


While this trend will not totally eliminate manufacturing as we know it,it will disrupt and transform the manufacturing paradigm and allow us to selectively re-localize and enable us to manufacture the future