Now you can easily  transform text into an audio file that can be later played. and  no need to buy or download any software to convert text to  is very helpful for working peoples during conferences , meetings and to the students to record their  lectures. 

 It is the simple way to  how to convert text to speech on an PC  without the need of any software.I have only tested this with XP ,Vista and 7 but not suitable for MAC.



  • Open a new notepad file
  • copy the following code and paste 


                          Dim msg, sapi

                       msg=InputBox("Enter your text for conversion– ","By net info")
                       Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
                       sapi.Speak msg

  • After Pasting the Above Code in notepad, Save the file with the name    ” Text To Audio”.vbs.   Make sure that the file is saved with .vbs extension. It is basically a Vbscript file
  • remember the name of the file. Now close the notepad file
  • Now double click on the saved file and you will see a box like the below pic.



  • type the text that you want to hear and click OK.


        Be sure to keep your speaker on full volume and enjoy the audio.