One of the great things about selling ebooks is that you only need to writing skill or you have to know the selling way  and you can able  to sell it many times – ebooks are an unlimited amount of inventory.mostly a cult-like following has developed for self-published ebooks among consious about money  readers and techno-geeks. Many people like to  downloading books at cheap prices and helping their way in  the e-reading revolution.  Its a process which need only time no matter you are doing blogging or any other Online business.

                  Before that everybody knows what e- book is.. for few who dont know what is for, An ebook is simply an electronic book or a book in computer form as a file that is readable and can be printed. It is a book but the only difference between it and a real physical book is that it is not in a physical form. It’s intangible.

              Mostly people don’t like to do the deep research online and are often skeptical of free information sources. you have to do lot of work and demonstrate  the problems as long as the problem is real, you’ll make sales.

                          If you dont have that much writing skill first to share your book with others, you probably won’t get the general public to follow suit. By giving away your ebook for free, you can generate enough short-term momentum to carry you through to the real sales process.

Way to sell your book


                          There are many ways of selling your Ebook online. If you are having a blog with good traffic then you start selling your Ebook on it. provide all the payment options properly to make the things easy for buyers. There are also many online platforms for publishing and selling your Ebooks which includes Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and Ebay. You can upload your Ebook on these platforms, set a price and start Sale of your Ebook.

Pricing your  e-book

                            Most of the e-bookers plan the way to over value your book and sell less books. Selling ebooks is not about making a fortune on one book, it’s about building up quality sales to make some great money on several books. Here’s what have  to see few thing before when deciding the price of your book.

                           If it’s too expensive no-one will buy it, and you exclude your middle market. If it’s too cheap no-one will buy it, as they will think the information is worthless .just offer the  quality ebook with eye-catching cover , you should always begin selling at these pay scales. the average price for Ebooks is 3 to 4 dollars Online. 



                Marketing is more important than publishing a book. that only decide the sales of your book. us. For marketing use Social media, advertising,  blogging and forums. also build relations with other writers.Publish your book on Amazon,Lulu, Clickbank,E-bay, Payloadz or to Create sale pages of your own.


                      It is the best way to making money in Online but the main thing to do is  is that you need to work hard and keep patience if you really want to see results.