Battery is the heart of the laptop.We got more irritating when  that low battery signal flashing on your screen .if you lose battery power and can’t plug in on the go, your  laptop is no better than an oversized coaster.nowadays many unwanted applications, graphics, intensive operating system cutting down the life of the battery. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to slow down the process and maximize the life your battery.




Tips for maximizing Your Laptop’s Battery Life  


Keep battery  clean. 

Battery contacts can get dirty or corroded over time, reducing the effective delivery of power  clean the blockage in the air vent regularly.With your laptop turned off and unplugged from its external power source, remove the battery.blocked air vent is the main problem .

 Use a cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol to wipe the metal contacts on the battery and inside the device.  and take time to dry completely before reinstalling the battery and reconnecting to a power source. it is more essential to clean the laptop every month.


Turn volume down.


You should   Turning down or muting the volume on your laptop ,Turn off the speaker volume or avoid listening to music directly from your laptop and you may appreciate a break from all those audio notifications.

Adjust Your Screen Brightness

Even with modern LED displays, your laptop’s screen can consume a lot of your power. Try to  dim the  monitor’s brightness and blanking the screen when you’re not using it. adjust the screen brightness but can usually be completed with a function key or combination of keys. Consult your manufacturer’s manual for more information.


Remove all  USB devices and discs.


Unwanted USB peripheral drain up  all the  power just by registering itself with the operating system. CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays , even not in working  in the  optical drive will consume power. Remove any discs along with USB keys, card readers, modems or other peripherals .


Defragging  the hard drive

 The built-in  defragging   utility included with Windows which are based on  operating systems decreases the  time your system must spend searching for files by rearranging file  fragments, so they are closer together on the hard drive. Less time  searching means less spinning for the hard drive and consuming  battery  power. (Macs are better at handling this automatically, so you don’t have to worry about this, Apple users.)


 Use an Optimized Power Plan


 By choosing the correct  power plans (on Windows XP  power schemes are inside ) is the main  way to save the battery.  the system settings for your mobile PC are automatically adjusted to reduce drain on your battery by the correct  low-consumption power plan . The adjustments affect the most power-intensive functions on your laptop.


Don’t multi-task:


Doing multiple things at once on your laptop will increase CPU usage and drain the battery., it will decrease the productivity too. try to reduce the background programs. To do so, Press the “Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Delete” keys to open the task manager. Click on “End task” to close any programs that you are not using. And if you’re not on the Internet, you should close your anti-virus program also.


let them Cool 


Your laptop generates heat, and higher operating temperatures reduce your device’s efficiency, , it can also result in and reflect an unnecessary loss of battery power.Make sure that your computer can cool: Don’t let clothing, lint, or other obstructions block the cooling vents.


 Charge your battery correctly.


When you’re on the road, be sure to carry a power cord and plug your computer in whenever you have the chance. Unlike the older-generation rechargeable batteries like nickel-based batteries , modern lithium ion batteries can be partially discharged and recharged repeatedly with no harmful effects, but you should avoid fully discharging lithium ion batteries.

 Just check that whether you are using  a power adapter with the correct voltage  for your  Laptop. Always the check the Right Voltage Power when you buy the replacement battery.


Keep sleep mode


if you not working in the laptop for the while , set your computer to sleep .Sleep mode shuts off the monitor, hard disk, and processor, while preserving everything in RAM. This allows you to maximize your battery life while still allowing quick access to a restored desktop when you wake up your computer again.