Everyone want to collect the memories what they cherish about, and chose the best one among all as the cover photo even before the flickr, photo bucket , twitter, facebook are found.. but now we are doing the same in facebook.


After arranging all the photos in the album in their favorite way all asking the only question is  how to change the photo album cover in facebook.. even though it is an simple question, it is more intuitive to find the way.. it is very simple. there are only few steps to change the cover album.just follow the instructions to change the photo cover album.

Steps to change the photo cover album


                            First click on your Profile,then click the profile name at the top left.


then click the photos tab on your profile and Click on the Edit Album button of the album you want to change the setting.



 After you have created the album open it and click on the edit button to edit the album.




When you are in editing mode, click on the small arrow on the image you want to use as an album cover and select the option make album cover ,check This is the album cover. 



 Hit Save Changes at the bottom of the page.that changes will be reflected on your timeline’s update.

Always make sure you choose a catchy photo as your Facebook photo album cover. you have now reset the album cover to exactly the image you want .