Facebook is the popular social media. between 1000 fake profiles are being increased each day and it is hard to find the real persons too.It is very secure  to check a profile before you add them into your friends list. While Facebook aims for creating the best and safest Social networking experience for all , unfortunately it has no solution for solving the problem of Fake Facebook Accounts.

Tips to identify fake profile

The easiest way of identifying a fake profile is have a good look on their profile picture.Almost 80 percent of fake profiles either only females.
If the Facebook profile has less than one of his or her photo , then most probably it is an fake account .Therefore this point is not a strong point to identify fake profile. most fake accounts tend to use a single Facebook profile picture all the time .
 Some of the people who make fake profiles have expectation of show pornographic photos to other people.they added for  profile photos which has sexual attractive.A fake profile’s picture will mostly be a photo of a sexy or a hot girl. If any profile has one single pornographic photo then most of the time it could be a fake profile.
There are some profiles without profile picture. Here also you have to carefully look because there can be other good pictures in profile picture  album. At the time user may not prefer to display their profile picture and remain it default.
Profiles are there which has some non meaningful photos as the profile photos. denotes that they never care about the profile picture. they  just need to add a photo to their profile picture.  Therefore user has less attention about the profile picture means they  makes this profile just for fun or for something foolish.
Find out when the user has joined Facebook , many after creating the fake account within  a week before they start sending out rampant friend requests .
  Check out the friend lists of the user , if a Fake Facebook account has many mutual friends with you , then chances are there that the Face accounts is created by one of your friends who is trying to have some fun .
 Fake profile owner never reply your message. they never set  privacy setting for anything .they only update few status  and comments.
 If you suspect any fake facebook profile picture just dragging their profile picture into the search bar of google and google finds you the exact match of the image with their details. 
                    Then this screen will pop out
There you need to upload that profile image. now if in results that images appears many times it means that it is possibly a fake profile. this method can’t be helpful if there is image of any celebrity or things like flowers, mountains on the profile
Fake profiles will have more friends in their opposite gender and those friends will have no relation between the other friends in their profile. 
 Fake users will accept bulk requests on a single day. Check the news feed of the profile as fake profile users won’t post or update anything instead they keep on adding friends to their list.If the profile has many links shared whit catchy words those may lead you to a phishing page,so be aware of clicking on any suspicious links.

 Hope these tips will help you in finding Fake profiles on Facebook and save you from being getting fooled by someone.