When you are facing the power cut or when you are listening to music from your PC and fall asleep ,but most of the  time you don’t want your computer to be on all the time during your sleep, you only want it be on for first few hours.

 some people download torrents or you are downloading a big file from the internet and because your net connection is not that fast in whole night and they wont shut down the computer till the morning.  So that computer’s power supply will be interrupted causing some damage to Hard disk drive.It will cause absolute waste of the electricity. So here you need a automated way to shutdown your computer.

 To avoid the a huge energy drain, You create a task to shutdown  your computer, triggered after a certain time and give your PC some rest.. this method works perfectly for Windows (XP, Vista, 7 or 8). Follow the instructions below depending on what you want to do.

Auto shut down your computer at a specified time

  • First right-click on the desktop and create a new shortcut
  • There a new window will open. In this window you have to specify the command and period.   or  Press Windows Key + R. or  Enter CMD and press Enter.This will start the command prompt.
  • We need to calculate after how long we want computer to be shutdown. We have to put specific amount of time in seconds like if you want your PC to turn off after 3 hours then it will go like this. 3  hours are 180 minutes so 180 * 60 = 10800 seconds.
  • the command format should be like this.


               shutdown -s -t XXXX.

                For example Copy and paste

                               “shutdown.exe -s -t 10800″

                Just put your time in second instead of XXXX.




  (Type “shutdown -s” without the quotes in the command prompt and press Enter. Shutdown is the command being executed and the switch -s tells the computer to shutdown)

 So, write it in the writing box and click next.

  • Click next and write short cut name “Schedule shutdown”
  • Click “Finish”
  • You can change the icon by right clicking=>properties=>change icon=>browse.


Then, if you double-click the program, your computer will be automatically shut down after the certain period.


Uncertainly  you have work and you don’t need to use the time scheduler.  You want to abort preciously scheduled shutdown. Then there is a simple way to cancel the scheduled timer. Now let me explain how to make an abort button for shutdown scheduling.

  • Right click on your desktop and select New > Shortcut. 
  • Copy and paste “shutdown.exe -a” (copy without quotes) in the only text field available in new shortcut window.
  • Click next and write short cut name “Abort scheduled shutdown”
  • Click “Finish” now you have abort scheduled shutdown button
  • Well readers you are done. With “Schedule shutdown” button you’ll start the shutdown countdown and with “Abort scheduled shutdown” your computer will remain on and won’t auto shutdown.


By   this way, you can automatically shut down your PC after a certain time. However, if you need to let your computer along for a long time, you can specify the timer to shut down your PC. In this way, you can save the electricity and avoid  damage to Hard disk drive.