Everyone got irritated when they come to know that when our PC affected by nasty virus. when we see the symptoms of the virus effected in our computer , on that moment only we started too doubt our installed  antivirus.   That’s why it’s very important to practice safe computing habits and to install reliable anti-virus software.


 we can buy the lot of free, cheap antivirus software in the market. the problem came from that point. then we start doubt that our antivirus program is  sleeping, and detecting any virus programs, virus infections, Malware infections, ad-ware programs, all kind of virus programs.


You can avoid most malware just by paying attention and staying away from a few common traps. we always check that the anti-virus software is up to date or not.This article is best in checking out whether your antivirus software is running at its best or not.  test the Anti-virus effectiveness using a simple notepad code.


How EICAR Antivirus Test Works


  This test virus was developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research (EICAR) to provide an easy way to test whether your anti-virus software is working, and see how it reacts when a virus is detected. It is supported by most leading vendors, such as IBM, McAfee, Sophos, and Symantec/Norton.This is a legitimate DOS program.


 To Check if your AntiVirus is Working :


                                              just follow the steps below

  • :-Click Start –> Open Notepad
  • :-Copy the code exactly in the notepad :


  • Rename the file from “New Text Document.TXT” to “text virus.com” in ZIP or RAR file.
  • Now run the antivirus scan on this “text virus.com” file.
  •     if your antivirus Detected it in seconds this means that your antivirus is working properly,if not u need to change it and get something much better.


  • If this file got deleted immediately…then it means that your antivirus is working properly and updated !!


  • otherwise you see the saved file in that folder do right click the file and select scan with your installed antivirus and if the scan shows the file then it means your antivirus is working properly but not updated with a new version, as best antivirus softwares detect any virus (at the same second when you save the same in your system)without your effort of going to specified folder and scanning the folder.


  • If it doesn’t shows any kind of threats then you need to change your antivirus software immediately with some good one with the new version.


            This test will cause no damage to your computer even though the antivirus will guard it as a malicious script. Hence, it is the safest method to test the proper functioning of any antivirus software