Online banking is the practice of making bank transactions or paying bills through  the this  technology, and mainly by  the Internet , people no longer have to leave the house to shop, communicate, or even do their banking. Banking online allows a customer to make deposits, withdrawals, and pay bills all with the click of a mouse. Online banking also eliminates paper waste, which is a plus not only for those who have to handle all the paper work, but also for the environment.


The corresponding bank will give the  High Security One Time Password (OTP) and is very important for security of our account. Every time you  need to write the password in the box for their  approval. But, sometimes we get annoyed when we get alert message for our small amount transferring time and again. So people all prefer to close the message alert  who often make small transfers.

State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the prominent Bank in India today with the leading customers . So here is the way  how to transfer cash throughout SBI net banking. 

Steps to transfer money via SBI net banking

  • First login to your SBI account . this screen will display before you





  • Before transferring the funds to another account you will have to add them as beneficiary. Beneficiary is the one who you transfer money So, Go on Profile tab and then select Manage beneficiary option  
 The three sections will display before you : Intra-bank beneficiary, inter- bank beneficiary as well as State bank group beneficiary. Now here you will have to choose option inter-bank beneficiary to transfer the cash to somebody else account in another bank.
  •  In next page, you will have to fill-up all the required details like Name, Account number, address and IFSC code etc. After entering all the details,  click on Submit button.





  • the bank will take  The beneficiary approval  upto one day. Once the status has been turn active you can proceed with next step.after the beneficiary has been approved by the bank. When your account is activated, you will get a SMS notification. Go to Payment/ Transfer >Inter bank beneficiary. 


  •  In next page you have to select the transaction type as NEFT or RTGS. If you are transferring less than 2 lakhs then select NEFT.


  • Now you have to select the beneficiary name and enter the amount which you would like to transfer. After that you have choose the account number and accept the terms and condition. Then finally click on submit button.


 Before accepting all just verify your details once again, so make sure  that the details you entered are correct and then click on submit button.You can select the current date or schedule a transaction for another day. However, you can’t schedule a transaction later than 90 days from the current date.