Wireless mouse is more helpful when watching movie or play videos on YouTube and other websites  to playback,more comfortable to use at any places.. Turn your Android Phone, an iPhone or even a tablet device into a wireless mouse and keyboard and control your computer from anywhere in your room. or in any presentation it is more comfortable to use wireless mouse ass switch over slide.


  Google Play has Remote Mouse (free), Android Mouse and Keyboard (free), AndroMouse,Mouse ServerUnified Remote server(free ),and Mobile Mouse (paid). Mobile Mouse is also available for the iPhone ($1.99).  Even an app like HippoRemote LITE (free) can turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi keyboard and trackpad for easy navigating around your computer. 


we’re here to talk about one such great app called Remote DROID  which turns your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless keyboard and mouse. It’s a great app and you will surely fall in love with it. There are many such apps on Google Play but this is my personal favorite. It’s easy-to-use interface is pleasant and you can set it up in barely a few seconds.

Now we just install Remote DROID  in your Android device and Receiver in your laptop and ready to use. Remote DROID also provides keyboard, numeric pad and drawing tool. 
Remote DROID Features
  • Remote droid  is available for XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Mac OS X,  iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and Android.


  • You will have to install it  on your desktop and on your mobile. Then you will have to connect from your mobile to your desktop. The nice thing here is that you can automatically connect if both devices are on the same network.


  • Use your smartphone or tablet as a wireless keyboard or as a wireless mouse.


  • lot of built-in features that lets you access your computer’s start menu, play videos, shutdown, log off and other functions.


  • Supported mouse functions: move, click, double click, right click, scroll, drag.


  • Auto-connect on application start up 


  • Key combinations are supported


  •  Mouse & keyboard full screen 


  • Remote droid works over WiFi and 3G.


 Pro Version ($1.99)


   All of the above features, plus automatic connection over your wireless network — no IP address entry required. Pro users will also receive free upgrades with new features, including Skype compactabilty (coming soon!).


Setting up the RemoteDroid server on your PC




step1 =>   you can download from Google’s Android Marketplace, and a companion server application for your computer here   REMOTE DROID

STEP2=>  Extract the files from RemoteDr idServer V1.5.zip to a folder 

STEP3=> Now open the location to which you extracted the zip file and run the file RemoteDroidServer.jar.   Since it’s a java app, it will run on Windows, OS X, and Linux. 
STEP4=> The IP address of the PC RemoteDroidServer is running on will be displayed in the window you have just opened. Remember this IP address mentioned in the RemoteDroid software.
Setting up the RemoteDroid server on your Android Mobile 
you have downloaded and ran the RemoteDroidServer.jar file on the PC that you want to control it is time to configure RemoteDroid on your phone.
 step1=> Go to the Android Market
step2=> Search for the RemoteDroid app, download it, and install it on your phone
step3=>Open the RemoteDroid app that you just installed
step4=> Open the app and type in the IP address that you noted down from the RemoteDroid Server app on your
step5=>  Click on “connect”.
step6=> When the RemoteDroid app on your Android connects to the server app on PC, the screen of the Android device will turn into a touch-pad. The upper large rectangle is the mousing box, while the    2 smaller rectangles at the bottom signify left mouse button and right mouse button respectively.

  The green keyboard icon activates the wireless keyboard.

 You even have the option of changing the mouse sensitivity and other preferences before you connect to the WiFi network.
 Now you can easily convert your phone or tab into a wireless mouse and keyboard, you can comfortably control your PC from a far distance. For typing, use the default keyboard on your Android phone along with some of the hot keys.