Now you may access GMail through basic mobile even the internet is not available.You can’t receive new messages, of course, but it’s very handy to be able to check your mail when you’re offline. there is a easier way to check Gmail when offline is to download the browser extension Google Gears.


Gmail can use this extension to let you see your Gmail messages right from your browser window, even when your computer is not connected to the Internet.  or  in google chrome  the gmail offline is a free application  which allows users to access their account,even without internet connection. 

Google Chrome extension they offer to use the Gmail Offline .  Gmail Offline is built to support Offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access. there are  few Simple  steps to be followed to use Gmail without Internet connection.

Steps to use Gmail offline in chrome

step 1-: first you have to open your gmail account in google chrome. if you don’t have a account, create it

step2-:  after sign in go to settings. In the menu bar you get  Offline menu bar as shown in the below figure just click on it.



step 3-:You get an option to Install Gmail Offline it is at the right side of the bar or otherwise download  offline gmail extension   in this site


 click on the Free button on right side.Now you are prompt  with  such dialog box just click on add button.



step4-: then asking the permission to download. just click ADD button.





step4-:  new tab screen will appear before . just confirm the button that allow the synchronization of the email to your native drive. after tht the last step to continue without the internet.



You can also compose the email from your offline gmail app in offline connection and the composed app deliverers to the  as soon as your computer is connected to Internet.And you need not to worry about the Security Issues as this app is developed by Google Itself.