Now google will provide you  many  good apps on your website to remind you for upcoming task to save your time. So if we want to use online timer from other websites then it will consume more create countdown timers in the browser quickly but you probably don’t need them anymore.


  when you are busy in your work then it is possible that you may forget the timing of any important task. And that task goes failed due to your unusual timing .it will provide  countdown timers in the browser very quickly in Google Search as an Online Timer.


you can now easily setup an online timers situated on Google itself by inserting the timer command in the Google search box in the following format 


                                  timer for <time> OR set timer for <time>

For Example:

                        timer for 1 hour 10 minutes 40 seconds OR set timer for 1 hour 10 minutes 40 seconds




                                When the fixed time in timer will passed, the browser will start to play the music. And thus you can easily remind about your tasks.