Twitter is the best social network created reputations all around the world which also work as the small blog.Twitter is not only to share their photos, videos, their views and also  It is the main way for some people to market their product ,advertise your own business, earning way to make money , making sales and lot of services.

To know the further details, you must read the article=> HOW TO EARN MONEY USING TWITTER

Twitter is one of the best ways to build leads to business and network and that is the reason why there are many opportunities to earn from twitter.The best way to make money on Twitter is by sponsored tweets. By selling a tweet on your page, you’re effectively posting your advertiser’s link to your following, which could potentially drive traffic and help with search engine benefits.

you can type the post about anything like sports, cinema, music whatever, upto 140 characters to their followers.”Following” is when people read the posts of other users on Twitter and responding to them. Thus we have the chain of communication between users.

These are some good ways to earn money using Twitter, but I suggest you don’t over do it as you would look like a spammer & no one likes to get spam not even on their Twitter Timeline.they go to a web page you have setup, and they are able to create a message up to 140 characters (likely include a URL to full job details) with some details on the job. You can charge the employer for posting this.


Easily earn money through twitter


Affiliate Advertisement


you can easily communicate with your friends and their mates to get more followers . by that way you can sell your product and earn more money. Using marketing, advertising products from your site, advertising, blogs, etc..  You just have to add Google Ad to your blogs or websites, and then create interesting contents.the  advertisers will give their ADs to your profile and creating lead to earn money, it is also known as affiliated marketing.They create the relationship between advertiser, publisher and mediator.


Increasing Traffic


If you write a blog or content in your tweet , you will get many good followers. the advertisers will pay you as per tweet. you have to write on your Twitter page and increase traffic and readership. The increased circulation and readership will bring you more profits. depending upon the amount of traffic you will earn more money.


 Nowadays affiliate marketing is getting very popular in all the social media sites.It can  promoting the products and services of other companies.


Apps to make money from twitter:


  You can directly earn  money through Twitter.You Don’t need to have a website, product or services to earn money There are various sites that offers services where you can get paid-per-tweet.they are Sponsored Tweets ,Twivert ,Ad.ly,RevTwt ,BeTweeted ,NXY , TwittAd, AdCause, MyLikes, Be-A-Magpie. In this article , you are going to read about  Sponsored Tweets.


 Sponsored Tweets


Sponsored tweets is highest paying twitter advertising site where users to publish tweets about their products, services, Web sites, promotions, and more.. Twitter allows you to set your own price-per-click for ads that you tweet.. Many businesses all over the world compete to start using sponsored tweets for their targeted traffic. Top most stars ,politicians, musicians,artists   who has more profile viewers have signed  up with the Sponsored tweets  demanding thousand of dollars per tweet.


Magpie is the another another high advertising site  merged with Sponsored Tweets, it has become the leading best  twitter advertising network in web. And . SponsoredTweets is owned by Izea who also owns the popular sponsored blog posts sites SocialSpark.com and PayPerPost.com

You can choose the ads you tweet from a list of available ads that are updated regularly.Minimum payout is 50$ and they pay through paypal. However you can check out any time for less but they charge 2$. i.e., if you earned 20$ and want to check out, you will get 18$ with 2$ deduction. Many top twitter users have joined in this site and that is the reason, twitter advertising is useful for businesses online.

When you sign up as a tweeter with SponsoredTweets.com, you provide requested information, your required payment per tweet, and your Twitter profile, along with related statistics about your followers, activity, and so on, which are then added to the tweeter database. When an advertiser posts a tweeting opportunity that matches your profile , your profile is provided to that advertiser along with any other matching profiles.

The advertiser may then present the opportunity to you via your SponsoredTweets account if they want you to tweet for them. You can review the opportunity and accept or decline it. If you accept it, you must follow the instructions provided in terms of verbiage and links tweeted, disclosures and many.