top 5 android apps  Android is an gadget operating system consuming by  smartphones and tablets. Now a days Android os  act as brain of gadgets .its apps are  active nerve system of control the gadgets . it is financially takeover by google.  more than a billion people used the android os, it is deliver full set of applications  RAM (Random Access Memory) was manage the memory unit of android os . in this post we will know about  best 10 android apps review and overview

Top 5  Android apps review and overview :

Facebook for android:

In the present time we all are tied with facebook . today youngsters want to upload their  status frequently and continously in facebook , in that case they don’t spend time in to browsing the web. they expect Hand tamed mini system, in that time facebook apps in android os.  in the facebook apps will be recently launched fast and simple to use.  the following  link shown below download free facebook for android facebook for android 

LocPro app for android:

Loc pro application was based on keep your self safe. some times  we are all affect secure our privacy . you will share your handset with others in some occasions  in the occasions your personal images , videos, and data theft by others . in this problem many kind of solutions are there but LacPro is the one of the apps in secure your gallery . Lacpro gives two great features that is  gallery hide , location reminder in this download link is shown below LacPro

Google Maps Navigation:

Google Maps Navigation is all the android apps user will be must get it , because it is amazing voice feature  and developed recent route of 200 countries and 800 cities fully loaded. if know all the world route in few second and gaidance of voice feature the google maps navigation app is free and acurate Gps . maps navigation free download in this link  Google Maps Navigation 

Android Weather and Clock widget:

Android weather and clock widget  is the another cool android apps. it provides quick and accurate weather condition for all cities of world wide it is provide  current temperature ,humitidy and wind speed direction for free , in addition of ten days weather forecast and also provide sunrise and sunset time, it navigate ten special location in same time and the share the information with friends. free android weather and clock widget in this link Android weather and clock widget

Voice magician- voice changer:

The voice magician is the funny apps of the android gadgets it is an  interesting apps for funny people which is change  the voice into birds, animals , man and woman. if you record your own voice to birds , pig , man and woman make  it your ringtone and share your funny voice with your friends it make it simple android apps every where  if you want this apps please click providing link for free download Voice Magician – Voice Changer