Many  websites will offers in  Online file sharing services  help you upload large files and share with your others, it can be accessed and downloaded from anywhere and anytime. if you send large files, you’ll take up all the space, clogging up your target’s inbox and possibly blocking them from receiving email..It is easy and fast depending on your internet connection upload speed.


You might used Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any other email service provider to send documents to your friends but as they limit you to file size you can’t to send large files via email can share  if you know more free file hosting services that have capability to send and receive large files quickly. between many file transferring services . Some of these services are only available for paid members while others are open to guest use..

                      There are many easy ways to send and share large files with anyone over the Internet.

Websites to send larger files 



Dropbox  is the top online sharing service provider.provides more flexibility than the first two options, because it is a cloud based storage drive that syncs files between everyone who has access to the shared Dropbox folder. 

Dropbox is a powerful option for sharing multiple files, working in teams and for ongoing collaboration. The only drawback is that their free option is limited to only 2GB of online storage space, but you can buy extra space too


We Transfer

 We Transfer is most popular , it will  send files between 10MB to 2GB, because of how easy they make it. No account is required and the steps to send files are very simple.You get 2GB for free and can share folders or links to specific files, such as archives. You can buy extra space 

You can send files to up to 20 people per transfer using free website. Your files are available for 7 days when using free service account. type in your email address so you are notified when the file is downloaded and add an optional message.




 Mediafireis a popular  One of the more mature entries in terms of collaboration, it gives 50 GB space for free, limiting transfers to 200MB. Paying $2.49 per month adds long-term storage, makes sharing ad-free, and gives you a FileDrop uploader for people to send content to your account. Document editing is also available.




DropSend  helps you to send large files instantly with size limit up to 2 GB limits To 5 sends per month so you can easily send jpegs, pdfs, MP3s and many more. DropSend is a fast, secure can store file also and simple large file sending system so you can send your important and private files with your clients. DropSend provides 256bit AES Security so its secure to send large files.. DropSend also offers a mobile app, a desktop tool, and a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.


Mail big File


Mail Big File is a website to upload your files and share with your friends, a bold drop-well and handy time/upload indicators., allow you upload a file of maximum size of 200 MB. The best thing about this site is that you can upload and share files without registering an account.


Windows Live Skydrive


Windows Live Skydrive  allows you to send and receive large files via the internet. Here you can create an account and then enjoy 25 GB of free online available memory space to be used for sharing your files worth 50 MB of each file limit. Also, you can create personalized folders to restrict rights for users.




YouSendIt ’s interface looks just like your email.There are millions of users registered in 193 countries. The free “Lite” account lets you send files up to 50MB and offers 2GB of storage space. Their top Pro Plus account allows unlimited storage and sharing sizes up to 2GB, as well as nifty tools like E-signatures, tracking and phone support.


Transfer Big Files

TransferBigFiles is a easiest and simple large files sharing service, so you can easily send and receive allowing anyone for 7 days to send files that are up to 20GB in size and can be download up to five times at no cost. The free account does have some limitations and it is ad supported. Take a look at Transfer Big Files if you have a lot of data to send and you have a fast Internet connection .



Sharesend is  a free and easy to use service providing website for sharing your files instantly.. It really does not need any signup, you will just have to upload your file and you will get a url to share with your friends or anyone else. In this service you don’t need to create any account to upload your files and then share them with others. Here you simply need to upload the file, after the completion you will get a link, which allows others to directly download the files