Sometimes we got more irritated when you  are watching  you tube videos with buffering. it mainly caused by slow connection.that is one main  problem with why you are unable to watch You Tube Videos without interruptions. You Tube Videos are fast paced, and sometimes dial up connections struggle to keep up with them.


You could also try playing video, pause it and let it finish buffering and then play whole video.  Sometimes, it helps if you keep your flash updated.  The option that could help you the most is to try an upgrade your internet connection.While the content will eventually play, it does take a long time on a dial up Internet connection.mainly it occurred by loading a bulk of codes, but now you can easily make it load faster than before without any interruption even in slow connections.

Tips to load You Tube Faster


  •  Watch video at low quality





 You Tube has quality versions like 240p,360p,480p,720p. If you are having slow internet connection then Try loading the 280p version to load YouTube Videos faster. YouTube has very low 144p video quality stream. Very low-bandwidth 144p Video quality mode to  help slow internet connection users.


Be a little patient, hit Pause when video starts to play, let the background preloading buffer at least 25% of total length, then hit Play.

Get Real Player’s latest version (maybe 9.0), and install it. When you open a web page with YouTube video embedded, you’ll get a prompt at top-right of video frame for Download. Try to download fully then watch on Real Player itself.  

  • You Tube playback Setting


             Go to YouTube Playback Setting and click the  I have a slow connection. Never play higher-quality video option as the image below  , this will make video playback in low resolution.



  •  Best web browser


 Don’t use browser like Internet Explorer, try to use modern web browsers like Opera, Firefox or google chrome


  • Load YouTube with YouTube feather


Now you can use YouTube feather Beta to avoid buffering. It will will disable some of the hard-weight plugins ,codes and widgets and made the Video page Light Weight. It disables some major features like Sharing , commenting and reduced Suggestion videos on the sidebar.

YouTube will support an opt-in beta for “Feather” s. The “Feather” project is intended to serve YouTube video watch pages with the lowest latency possible. It will  limiting the features available to the viewer and making use of advanced web techniques for reducing the total amount of bytes downloaded by the browser.

if this feature will not satisfy even after you enabled it, you can reverse to the older version.