An ebook is the simple text file or application written in online editor. even it can be printed form, you can also read in the laptop, phone and tablets.eBook are primarily packaged in PDF  formet which can read by PDF reader. you can earn money easily, but unless you write your own. 



It is the steady steam of side income or may be it is the first step of career as a writer. eBook writing is great place to begin as the fast growing blogger. one of the most effective tools is simple, often neglected eBook.

The better way to select the ebook is don’t think about the money. You may find that the market is saturated  and only established big names are currently selling well.while choosing  a topic that  you already know a lot about and you’ll enjoy writing about.  do lots of research to speedup, and it substantially increases the chance that you’ll see your ebook through to a final draft.

                              There are few steps to write a ebook that people will love to buy


Decide the right topic


The important thing you must do before you write is to decide on the topic of your book. The most profitable e books focus on solving a problem, or providing a solution to something that people are looking for.topic about tips and secret also going well


 don’t worry to search about interesting topics, just write whatever you can. there are more people who are willing to study about too… write blog about earning the money is the best topic to write.Try to include  relevant keywords that people interested in your topic are likely to be searching for. 


You should also choose a topic about which you are having proper knowledge and you done proper research on it otherwise you will not be able to write a great book. there is no need to write a very large book but it should also be not very small. they more concentrate on how interesting they are?


Do research


  However well you know your topic, you’ll need to do some research, even if that’s just to check facts and provide a few extra nuggets of interesting information for your readers. Use Google keyword tool and exhaust all the long tail keywords that people possibly use to surf.You won’t need to read every word of every book you choose; instead, use the table of contents or index to help you find the parts most relevant to you.  


 These can also help throw up extra ideas on aspects of the topic you might not have considered yet. It’s helpful to use the keywords that most people are searching for as the title of your eBook because mostly people will go to search to find result , so you easily advertise your page.


Create an outline


 It’s a best thing to plan out your book by writing an outline first.once you decide on an outline first and have structured your topics and sections in a clear, concise order, you can write whichever section you feel inspired to write about and still know where and how it fits into the overall product. People always need popular keyword phrases are searching for.


 However, once you decide on an outline first and have structured your topics and sections in a clear, concise order, you can write whichever section you feel inspired to write about and still know where and how it fits into the overall product.Creating the outline first will help keep you organized and motivated, and you’ll never be left wondering what to write about next. Keep focused on the issues that your readers are interesting about and the uses that you have to offer. 

Create good environment to write


Don’t put temptation in your path: create a distraction-free environment by using a program that allows for full-screen writing, like Dark Room, Write Room or in natural places. Turn off your phone. Sign out of your email account, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and anything else that might make sounds or pop alerts up on your screen. try to write in evening. , you can skip publishing on the weekends and use the time to focus on your eBook. You will have to decide what works best for you and your blog so that your traffic is not affected.


Right formatting


Keep the format of the eBook consistent.   you  would be to divide each chapter into a number of parts, beginning each with an amusing and relevant anecdote or quotation. Subheadings or subsections for each chapter, with a list of points detailing information you want to cover. you can take professional help for proper formatting of your Ebook.


If you were just going through the grammar, punctuations, and overall editing, then this can be your final editing. But if you added new thoughts and ideas; make sure to have another final editing just to assure yourself that nothing was mislooked. it should by rightly formatted for all platforms.


Pretty and graphics cover


Make sure you include plenty of interesting graphics within the body of your text.Cover is a main thing which every Buyers see before buying a book. Hire a professional designer to design your book.If you don’t have the skills to design your own cover and can’t afford to pay an expensive designer, there are plenty of low cost solutions out there


This is a great way of spotting errors and it can also help you to tell if the writing flows well and whether someone’s going to find it easy and enjoyable to read.


 Having a Interesting Book Name is also very Important. along with cover the name of Book is also seen by the buyer while buying it.The only thing that could possibly stop you from writing and publishing your first eBook is self-doubt. Get over it and believe in yourself and in your thoughts. You will see that writing your book isn’t as tough as you thought it would be. The moment you launch your first eBook, you will feel empowered and inspired to write even more..


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