You can share a pictures, videos , pages  through the Facebook . we use to chat with our friends in long distance. ad now they release the  Secretbook is a Chrome Extension I built as a research project in  21-year-old Oxford University computer science student and former Google intern Owen-Campbell Moore.  which allows users to transmit completely secret messages on Facebook.





you can hide  the messages in photos so they cannot be scanned for keywords by Facebook  where it was seems to be look like the normal picture. but in the browser extension mainly in the chrome  that lets you encode those images with secret, hard-to-detect messages inside the image.,and the process is called JPEG Steganography it make the data  virtually imperceptible changes to the image. The data  is hidden with the digital makeup of the picture, not in the pixels, so it’s comparable to digital invisible ink.


You can also hide the URL in the message. You have to follow the few steps to hide the secret in the image


First you have to Refresh Facebook. Press ctrl+alt+a while on Facebook to encode a message. Press ctrl+alt+a while looking at a photo to decode a message.

Creating a new secret message


If you’ve just installed Secretbook from the chrome link as given above . then please refresh Facebook before and follow this instructions.




1.Securely share a password with the friend only to who you are communicate secretly with.

2.While on Facebook press ctrl+alt+a to activate the secret system.

 3.Use the dialogue to create an image. Upload this new image to any album on Facebook or post it on your friend’s wall.(Note that sending secret messages via messaging is not yet implemented)

 4.Attempt to receive the message from the image you just uploaded in case an error occurred!

 5.Optional: Mention your friend in a comment or the description to ensure they know to check it for a message.

Your friend can now use the password you shared to decode the message.

Receiving a secret message


second shot


1.While looking at an image on Facebook press ctrl+alt+a to activate the secret system.

2.Enter your shared password to receive the secret message.

Now you can keep the secret only with your friend circle. enjoy facebooking.