When t your browser is connecting  with or twitter  Facebook , use the secured connection- HTTPS vs. HTTP.sometimes previous users had used the  HTTPS browsing, but it was not the default. HTTPS protect your password when you log in and improve the security of your account .

One important change for Facebook Business Pages is to make sure your custom tabs are all up to date. These new security changes have stricter guidelines that your content needs to follow in order to be displayed properly.

It will protect your private details, financial informations even if you never turn off the url . after you done the online shopping , some LOCK ICON or URL address bar will appear to be green, that indicate the insecurity of your account.

Here is the few steps how to enable the secure browsing in twitter.

    1. Log into your Twitter account and tab the dropdown menu for your profile






2. tab the setting to visit your account setting page.     3.Scroll down and check the box Always use HTTPS.

Twitter 2
4.After clicking Save, you’ll be prompted to re-enter your Twitter password then click on Save Changes.
As like the twitter same procedure in the Facebook.
  1.From the homepage, Go to the settings icon in the right side of the dropbox. then tab on settings then to  Settings then to see..
2.From the list, find ‘security settings ’.


3.You can then enable ‘Secure browsing (https)’  and then tick on” Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible






  4.then tab the ‘Save changes’ and your account is more secured now.       Just reassure that your account is protected or not.All files should be linked using HTTPS and not HTTP to avoid security issues . make confirm that your official page is protected even using in  iPhone, iPad, and iPad .