Internal memory is an essential part in the android mobile, it is very  important to free up some space  .Mainly many cheaper smartphone users face this problem in their android,  when the memory  is full can slow down your device, the device won’t allow you to install larger apps.

Android Settings

You don’t need to upgrade the high GB external memory. many techniques to  tackle the low internal memory issue of android makes your phone run faster.
Tools to increase the internal memory:
  • 2 GB  Memory card(or above )
  • Use memory card reader
  • Your android phone must be rooted Or Rooted Tablet ( increase RAM and Internal Memory ) 
  • Backup your memory card and phone for safe side and copy all the data on your computer
  • An internet connection for downloading a few softwares

How to Increase the Internal Memory of Android Devices


Before you starting these procedures  back up all the files and folders on your memory card to your computer by taking the  coping the whole memory card and pasting into a folder on your computer.


 Partitioning your memory card:


  • connect your memory card to your computer using a memory card reader importantly don’t use a phone and USB cable
  • Open the installed Partition tool on your computer in above link
  • Right click on your memory card  and click delete.
  • Now you will see the memory card displays the  unallocated space, right tab on again and select create as.
  • Select primary
  •  If your memory card size is less than 2GB, select file system FAT. If it’s more than 2GB, select FAT32.
  • Select size of your memory card for storage and leaves unallocated space for added memory according to you.
  •  After that choose all the unallocated space and select Create as  Primary
  •  select EXT2 file system.
  •  Then tab ok and click apply on the top menu. Wait until the steps to finish   and you have successfully partitioned your memory card.
  • copy your data backed up on your computer back to the memory card and insert it into your phone and boot it
Configuring Link2SD app:
  •  Downloaded Link2SD app from Google play store on your phone then  Open Link2SD app
  •  Link2SD app asks you to select the file system of your second permission, choose ext2.
  •  Then tab ok, then press  restarted, click ok after that phone restart itself.
  •  A dialogue box will display in the screen after the restart click ok.
  •  On the top tab you will see a funnel-like icon, tab on it and select  “on internal”
  •  After you clicked many option will show on it, 
  • select multi-select, then press the select all button. All of these apps will be selected.
  • choose action then press  on create link
  •  Select the three options


                                                              1. Link application file
                                                              2. Link dalvic-cache file
                                                               3. Link library files
  • then tab ok
  •  Link2SD will then move all those apps and games then create a link with them from the second partition of your SD card.
  • tab OK when done
Then your internal memory will be free to use now.