Nowadays android or smartphones  are being the part of everyone’s life .If you’re the type who never puts your phone down,you will suffer when screen displays the low battery within 4 hrs. i have the simple manual changes to make your phone work for the longer time.  


The smartphone users are attracted towards the many catchy features,but Many unused apps and the features only kills the mobile battery,so we need to charge the phone again and again, we have to check the settings, features, and customizations properly to maintain the battery life higher

Sometimes  our mobile multi functions with wide range of capable, doing multi task.While we wait for the hardware development to catch up, the alternative will be to conserve battery life. few of them carries the spare battery with them wherever they go. but now no need for that all, there are few  simple magical  tips to consume your battery life for more then 2 days.

Screen brightness

Mostly brightness of the screen consume the more battery . go to Settings > Display > Brightness, you can uncheck “Automatic Brightness”  auto-brightness mode in the optimal level., Not all the mobile have  auto-brightness mode, just set as sensible , i.e brightness at 30%. And keep your screen time out.the timer will ask the time , set in , when  min or more than 1 minute.then you don’t use the mobile, If you tend to let your phone sleep automatically.

In LED screen mobile,you’ll find auto brightness doesn’t work well outside, To add it, press and hold on an empty section of your screen, choose Widgets, and pick the Power Control option., that shows 3 button in the setting- low, medium and high.  The “high” setting cranks the screen to the max for use outside, the medium is a nice setting for indoor use, and the low works well   in the dark closed room

 Turn Off Vibrations

In all mobile they set the handset in the vibrating mode. mainly Business people while attending the meetings, students in the class room, or in theatre, wherever the necessity to keep the phone in the silent mode, it will be better for you to use your ringtone as notification

Because vibration mode eat more power than in ringtones. it’s better then keep in the phone shaking than it vibrate a little when rings. if it necessary to keep your mobile in vibrating mode , atleast minimize the magnitude of the vibration.


just like Wi-Fi , Bluetooth on kills battery  If you don’t use a bluetooth headset, just turn Bluetooth off when it is not in Use. Again, you can toggle it on and off  in the Setting menu from the Power Control widget, so on the occasions that you are using a Bluetooth headset, or transferring files over Bluetooth from your computer, you can quickly toggle it on right from your home screen.

Unwanted Applications

Todays Android smartphones has the facility of doing the  multitasking ability to run more than one app at same time.Main thing is t you’re draining the battery when you are not even using them. Leaving them open will leave your battery drain the half of the power in no consume the more battery level, because every app you run uses a share of your phone’s processor cycles.. Just use the  Advanced Task Killer application, which has an auto-kill  will save your battery when it is not in use


Most of us hate the GPS, Because it sucks the more battery level, but the fact is we cant avoid it, many applications  like Facebook, twitter, google map,  or other social networks work with the help of GPS only.You can change the GPS to use wireless networks and uncheck the option for use GPS satellites , it will save the little change in the battery level. Like the others, it can’t hurt to toggle this one off using the Power Control widget when you’re not using it, and then just turn it on when it’s time to use Google Maps, navigation keys, twitter, weather reports.


The second biggest battery killer after the screen is the Wi-Fi., turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi functionwhich is better for battery life than cellular data. and the one most apt to cause battery life problems is the 3G radio in your phone.  Looking at the sky and determining which signal to lock on to, and when to switch, is a huge drain on your battery.  Look in the “Wireless & networks” section of your phone’s main settings to make the adjustment.

You can also turn off  wi-fi is to enable Airplane/Flight mode for which you need to head into Settings -> Wireless and networks -> Airplane mode. or Uncheck the box next to Wi-Fi, and your Wi-Fi antenna will shut down.and Next, deselect the Bluetooth box to turn off your Bluetooth connection.

non-essential notifications

Turn off unnecessary notifications.Almost every app now polls the internet in search of updates, , score in game,news, add ONs,messages, and other information. When it finds something,just stop the annoying notifications, light up your screen and display a message, make your LED blink, o make a sound alert or vibrate. just by disabling. It is consuming your battery life

 Switching Off When Inactive

Turn off the mobile is much better then  consumes more power in unlocking your phone, or leaving it on sleep or inactive mode. If you know you’re not going to touch your phone for an extended period of time, such as when you’re attending a meeting or sleeping, you can actually cut down a significant amount of energy consumption if you simply switch it off.

Task Managers

You must always focus on killing CPU s instead of those that are just idle in your RAM. The task manager in your phone rather displays the RAM usage than the actual CPU usage. The one like Watchdog Task Manager (Lite) alerts you when an app goes above a certain amount of CPU cycles so that you can get rid of it.

Once you stop playing a game or using an app then do kill those apps.I mean to say, stop those apps from working at background, consuming CPU resources and battery life. You can use task manager to stop any working app. You can also configure advanced task manager to show you CPU usage for each app, which is a more useful meter than memory usage when it comes to battery life.

  •  Keep your mobile in cool temperature away from sunlight.
  • Remove unnecessary home screen widgets and live wallpaper