Today’s laptops and mobile devices give us access to friends and endless entertainment practically anywhere via WiFi, 3G and 4G technologies. WiFi still dominates in the home,malls,coffee shops, libraries. And airports than 3G and 4G.


Thanks to the ubiquity of wireless routers and hotspots,  faster and cheaper and without the limiting bandwidth caps of cellular data — can be turned into a convenient WiFi zone., is better the plain old wired Internet connection.

Most of us have WiFi routers  for the internet connection in our homes these days.They may have the chance to  can cause a couple of problems:  there is a chance to cause the interference, When wireless signals are operating on the same frequency,mainly for who use in  apartment building. someone could easily hop onto your wireless network, if you don’t have proper security.


Wi-Fi misuse -problemsy

Your neighbors or  even people on the street  have chance to use  WiFi without your permission. some people will take this careelessly. but it is the hectic issue. they have chance to create few problems , they are


a. Monitor the Web sites you visit, copy your usernames and passwords, and read your e-mail and other communications as they travel across the network.

b. View files on your computers and spread a virus.

c.they will decrease your bandwidth.

d. Send spam or perform illegal activities with your Internet connection.

e.Slow down your computer and your Internet connection speed


.but don’t worry.follow the few steps to secure your WiFi  at same time you can protect your machine too.


Secure your wireless network


There are few  basic  step to prevent your neighbors to connect to your network is to enable wireless network security


1. Open an Internet browser.

2. Type http://homeportal or in the address bar.

3. tab  the Go button or press the Enter

4. Click on the Home Network icon.

5. press  the Wireless Settings link.

6. On the wireless security section, check the Enable box next to wireless network security.

7.then press Save.

Then some advanced steps to protect your WiFi

Change the default SSID and administration username and password

Wireless hardware and software usually comes with a default digital name-your service set identification number (SSID) .The manufacturer  will set the default administration username and password.

Change the SSID, it is the main thing to protect you from hacker.,We can keep our WiFi safe by choosing  clever password. Use a long, pointless fibre of numbers, upper- and lower-case letters, and punctuation, and equivocate anything found in a dictionary

Read the article Tips for strong passwords and Most Common Passwords You Should Avoid. If it would take some-more than a million years to crack, cruise a cue safe.


  • switch off any feature your hardware may have that allows you to give administration access to someone off-site.

Turn encryption on and use the strongest encryption option available

Mostly Encryption  are disabled by is not easy to anyone to make sense of your transmitted data if they manage to intercept it.

Make sure you have encryption turned on and choose the strongest encryption option available. WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy)  offers the most basic protection and should only be used if there are no other options available, such as WPA (WiFi Protected Access)or WPA2.


Turn off your SSID broadcast

By default your wireless access point will broadcast its SSID. . If you disable SSID Broadcast, it makes it difficult to connect other computers and devices, like wireless gaming consoles, printers etc., to your network.

do this connection manually. it cant able to access by others.Hide your network by turning off the SSID broadcast.

  • switch  off your wifi  connection when you are not using it