Most the people’s best option of the downloading  torrent in the internet world  is the uTorrent. latest version of  UTorrent is  more secure and has less problems in connecting ,user friendly but it  naturally features  more ads..  Before this program was ad-free, ie,if you turn off the ADs , but the ads start showing up shortly again and again.

 Originally, it doesn’t come with ads they are not intentionally annoying you by ADS whilw downloading inside their apps.They providing the ADs to make some money. The backlash allow you to back down the ADs as optional.

 This article  will show you how to disable all ads in the latest version of uTorrent, including the top toolbar ad as well as the ad in the sidebar both, where you have to do it seperately.

Most of us think that the steps are more complicated, but it is not true, you can do it in few clicks present in the uTorrent preferences and few more hidden steps  to turns out that the option to remove ads. they are…..

  • Goto Options  at the second right side of the tool bar then select the Preferences  or ctrl+p



  • then select advanced among them.



  • Turn all these settings to false in the advance:
  1. offers.left_rail_offer_enabled or left_rail_offer
  2. gui.show_plus_upsell
  3. offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled or sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
  4. bt.enable_pulse
  5. gui.show_notorrents_node
  6. offers.content_offer_autoexec 
  • Then click ok button.
you can enjoy downloading torrents, without ads disturbing and don’t need  sign up on any site, and say bye to all blinking websites.