Sometimes we are looking  all over websites to find a video and couldn’t find how to open it. and let it go into my cache, but we do have the link to the video. When we put in the link  we will see a massage which says This video is private. that videos are set as private by the uploader which can only viewed  by uploader and only some you-tube user which are selected by uploader. if they want to watch it again ,they again need to be signed-in .





  But we have few tricks to view the private video without sign in.  it is more helpful who has no account in google, or when you are so lazy to sign in.


How to see any private YouTube video


For example I recently uploaded to YouTube.And the link URL is



                          note the ID in the URL is OmZyrynlk2w


 i kept this video as private  and therefore if you try accessing that video from your should see a message saying “this video is private” 

Now use the below links to see inside the frame



                         Replace VIDEO_ID with your YouTube video ID.


                     For e.g.:


YouTube create four thumbnail links for every video uploaded on YouTube and those images are in public even if it is marked as private video. The first  Default image link (0.jpg) is size of 480×360 pixels and the rest three images are the size of 120×90 pixels.and central frame of the video while the images 1.jpg and 3.jpg are from the beginning and end of the video respectively.