We always prefer listening our favorite tune  as mp3 in player, phones or in system than as the video . You Tube is the most popular video sharing website in the internet world. but most of us want only the audio part, but it was difficult to find few songs in the mp3 format. 

We want to save it permanently as mp3 in your music library then here’s the best solution for it . Often,hard to find  out how to rip the song from the video seems like a perplexing task, especially if you don’t have special software installed to your computer.

Before you get the websites  just get the idea about how to Download Youtube Videos in Mp3 Directly

You can also download you tube videos in mp4 or flv format and then use some software to convert those videos to mp3 format.It might be the lengthy task  when Downloading videos first and then converting those videos to other formats.we have provided best softwaresto download and covert You tube videos into MP3 music file.

Download YouTube Videos in MP3 Format


FLVTO is free online video converter tool. Its interface is really simple. you can convert video within the second by Just paste the URL of video and click on Convert to mp3 button. other features like convert the audio into DivX, iPod, iPhone, and others including MP3 formats Its conversion speed is really fast but the disadvantage is  it don’t have the option to choose between normal and high quality audio. It fails the option of normal or high quality audio but still the quality of mp3 files is great.




Dirpy is best free website that allows you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files. you will have to copy and paste a link to a YouTube video into a field for the conversion process. Convert as many files as you like and enjoy them on your smartphone, computer or iPod.

Vid To MP3:

VidToMP3 is a another brand new site that allows you to download YouTube videos s in standard and high quality. and the audio from non-copyrighted video clips on video sites. This site is also cluttered with ads.It support all of your favorites: MySpace, YouTube, Video, Google video and many more.
Youtube-mp3.org is is an online tool that converts YouTube videos to mp3 files. No need of any Registration, all just paste the  YouTube URL select audio quality – Normal or High and click on convert button. You can use it with your Mac, a Linux PC or even an iPhone.
Mediahuman YouTube to MP3 converter is best software that convert YouTube videos to MP3 directly and download directly with MP3 format. YouTube to MP3 converter is easy to use, you have to only drag the YouTube videos or paste URL of videos into Mediahuman YouTube to MP3 converter software.. YouTube to MP3 Converter is fully free for window and Mac.

Using Browser Extensions

1.For Google Chrome: By using this extension you can directly convert video into MP3 file.
                           chrome extension

2.For Firefox: To convert video into Mp3 You need to simple extension for Firefox
                           Mozilla Firefox

3.For Opera:you can use this extenion for Opera chrome and firefox also