WhatsApp is not having inbuilt security feature we are using the Phone’s inbuilt pin and There are other option to  set the  locking pattern to the  apps as well ass the safety for the  messages to avoid the people to hack But we can’t block our friends and family members from accessing the whats app messages  with the phone’s inbuilt authentications 

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Change Your Current Mobile Number In Whatapp

If you bought the new mobile number, or your mobile has the dual SIM, you want to change the new SIM means Here is the simple steps to change the link of whatsapp to  current mobile number to new one

1First .Go to settings Then to the Account>Change Number

Just type the OLD NUMBER and the new number in the dropbox and click the DONE button.

Lock Whatsapp with Password

We need to secure the password to secure our whatsapp chats from others to prevent from unauthorized access.Here is the simple steps to follow to lock the whatsapp

Lock Whatsapp For Android

1.If you are android user then just Download Whatsapp Lock from android market(Supports Android 2.2)

2.After Installing  it and make your Whatsapp secure and safe

3.The best feature of this app is it can take the photo of those who tried to access your Whatsapp messages with invalid pin!.This is totally free to use app

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Lock Whatapp For BlackBerry

Its very much same like android.Just Download lock for BlackBerry 

Change Your Friends’ Profile Picture

Now you can change your friends profile picture to make fun with him

  1. Choose a profile picture for your friend. select the   funny or the weird images otherwise just google it.
  2. Resize the image to 561×561 pixels and Rename the Image with your Friends Mobile Number.  
  3. Press Ctrl + W and check “by Pixels and check the size and save it.
  4. Save the image in SD card then choose the  WhatsApp and go to the  Profile Pictures. 
  5. Disable WiFi and data network. otherwise it  will automatically update the picture.

how  to spy on some other  account in Whatsapp

Now you can use the WHATSAPP from the different devices, may be it will use it for the spying purpose also, But the whatsapp will provide you only one  MAC [ Media Access Control ] address. If you want to change the MAC address in the device it will send  to re-verify your account in whatsapp. , But not for all cases whatsapp MAC address is protected


  •  Terminal app on your Android to write additional Linux Commands. 
  • You need to get access to victim phone to get the victims phone “MAC address + the verifying massage” which is received to verify your device. Access to Victims phone for couple of minutes.


ToGet mac address 

For Android –

Head over to settings—> About phone—> Status—> Wi-Fi MAC address.

For iPhone –

Head over to Settings—> General—> About—> Wi-Fi address.

For Windows Phone –

Head over to Settings—> About—> More info—> MAC address.

For BlackBerry – 

Head over to options—> Device—> Device and Status info—> WLAN MAC.


  • after you receiving the  message,  Push the “MAC address” + “Verifying code” to your server , for the secure just keep the copy in the mail 
  • follow the instructions Spoof your phone’s MAC address to your Victims address using thislink and install whatsapp and type the “verify code”received on victim’s phone..
  • You get complete access to the victims whatsapp ID.


Create a Fake Conversation


  WhatSaid is the best application help you to  create fake conversations and play pranks  conversations with  your friends.  don’t misuse it friends!!!!!!