You can connect your computer to a projector to  display a screen as larger and wider . it mainly helpful for the presentations, meeting, watching videos.




Most projectors can be used computer-free, hooked to a DVD player or other video source, or even running presentations off of a USB thumb drive. 


This article describes the  instructions about how to connect to a projector by to the your computer. And particularly window 8 give some priority with the shortcut  to connect the projector.


 In the desktop computer , you need to connect the projector with the wire, plug the projector cable into your VGA, DVI, or HDMI port.But in the windows there is an advantage ,Windows detects and installs the projector automatically.Windows 8 has the same shortcut to connect to a projector as prior versions of Windows. However, the interface is brand new.

connect the  projector


  1. Swipe the mouse pointer to the right edge of the screen, and click the “Devices” button 
  2.  click on the  Project, and then click to the ” Add a wireless “display.
  3. Choose the projector in the list of devices 

Settings in the screen


Turn on the projector, then follow the procedure given below to connect the computer. 

  • Press Windows Key + P.  otherwise you can  open the Charms bar, click on the Devices charm, and click on Second screen.After you pressed that key, this image will display in the screen.(or Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Devices.)






  • another way is by Go to the control panel
  • Under Appearance and Personalization, click Adjust Screen Resolution
  • Click Project to a Second Screen


You’ll see a new screen slide into view from the right side.

  • select the Duplicate  between from the monitor selection panel that Display the same image in the computer screen and the projector screen

 The purpose of the other option displayed in the second screen is for 



you can see the image of the screen only in the computer monitor, it disable the projector monitor where the second screen is ignored.


Main screen is connected to the projector, every action you did in the computer is also shown in theprojected screen.


The projector acts as a second monitor , allowing you to move windows from the PC’s screen on to it and vice versa.


in this option computer screen is disable , the actions are allowed to display only in the projector screen.

If you want to improve the screen resolution in the projector monitor, you don’t need to disturb the projector, just  open the Desktop and right click on the wallpaper, then select Screen Resolution from the pop-up menu.  Select your desired resolution and click OK. You will see the clear monitor screen.