Instagram is one of the best   social media in the online world , apart form the social networking site it is the best way to sharing their photos and the videos . And the plus point is you can connect  with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more. Most of my friends always sharing their photos and the videos using instagram from their Andorid , iOS smartphones.



While using the instagram , you can easily download the photos , But in the videos you have to do follow steps to download.Otherwise you have to go with the screen shot the print screen option. I have few way to easy download of the desired photos or the videos of the instagram videos  without the need for cropping or rooting. 

 Download Instagram videos Using Torch Browser 

Torch Browser is the best option  for downloading Instagram videos. Torch browser allow you grab most of the videos to your browser.You can  able to get the collection of the videos or the pictures from the instagram Torch browser’s media grabber is integrated into the browser and supports a broad range of file types,,After you select the particular videos from the instagram.You don’t need to do the other external programs or necessary to use the converters.Just follow the few steps given below

To download Instagram videos, first download and install  the latest version of Torch browser on your computer.

After installing,  Using the Torch Browser open the Instagram page of the video you want to download.  paste the URL of the Instagram video you want to keep and load the page. On the Instagram video page play the video, so that Torch browser can grab the download link.

When you play the video, you can find a Media button on the left corner of Torch Browser

Click on the Video button to download the Instagram video.

The downloaded Instagram video will be saved in .MP4 format which can be played on almost any player and device.

 Download Instagram videos Using IFTTT

IFTTT is  you  have to create  recipes that can automatically perform different tasks  like date & time, blogger, dropbox,facebook, facebook page, feed, feedly, fiverr etc when triggered by a specific action.At same time you can able to connect in social media websites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc  cloud storage service.  like dropbox etc too

When you  create a recipe that will upload any Instagram video , it will automatically shared to the social media sites  and at the same time  it will automatically be saved to the sync folder on your computer. If not, you can always download it directly from your account

if you are an existing user of IFTTT you can click here and start to use the recipe, otherwise you have to join in the instagram page.Once registered, go to the ‘Create Action‘ and ‘Create Recipe‘. page, click ‘this’ and select Instagram as the trigger from the services below. It will then provide you with several options for the trigger, such as ‘New video by specific user’, ‘Videos by anyone tagged’ 

Now, click the ‘that’ link to select any cloud storage service like dropbox , instagram as the resulting action. Under ‘Choose an action’, select ‘Upload File from URL’. This will upload the file automatically to your cloud storage service.

Then click on With that you are done.However, the service will only check for triggers from Instagram every 15 minutes, so videos aren’t instantly saved.

After creating the recipe, just turn it on, and ready to download. Now, whenever you will like any video, it will be uploaded to your Box account automatically in MP4 format.

Download Instagram Videos Manually

You can also download the video manually if you don’t prefer to download the video with any third party tools .And at the same time it will consume your time too. but you have to follow few more steps to download the instagram videos

By default, You area not allowed to download the instagram videos directly. But there is a trick to download the videosSelectthe video you want to download and open it.right-click anywhere on the page, and click the ‘View page source’ or ‘View source’ option it will shows depending on your browser.

After the view source is open, search for ‘.mp4′ using Ctrl + F, and you will come across a link to the video. Copy that link and open it in a new tab. If you are using Internet Explorer, you will be asked if you want to save it. In case of Firefox, Chrome and possibly some other browsers, the video will instead start streaming within the browser itself. In that case, just hit Ctrl + S after the page loads, and you’ll be able to save it to your computer.

Theese are the comfortable and the easy way to download the instagram videos