Most of the people love to watch movie or the songs in the all language.While watching the other language film subtitle is the only tool used to understand the  dialogs and comments from the video,songs, film or TV shows etc. Nowadays most of the songs and the films are automated with the subtitles.

Mostly subtitle will displays in the bottom of the screen while watching the video for the convenient of the viewing the video.And my option to play the video and the audio  in the  VLC media is the open sourced multimedia player  mainly all prefer for it’s better quality of the image.  It provides a lot of features to give the best video watching experience to all can upload many formats of subtitles like .srt, .sub,.rt to watch the video or the audio. 

 it is easy to Getting Subtitles  to listen the comments while we play movie or lyrics when we hear a song. But many of us don’t know the way. No need to search the subtitles for the movie and download on your desktop.

For the note You Tube will now allow to download the video  with the subtitle with help of 4K Video Downloader.and the Google can also offer you many websites for the digital media collections..i always download the subtitle from the you can directly search the movie with the subtitle here in any languages.


VLC player has the extension to download the video with the subtitle  from the named VLSUB. some of the video has build in feature of the subtitle where it  will auto download the subtitles itself with the help of VLSUB plugin. you can easily get subtitles for a particular movie supported. but the other videos have no subtitles you have to go with the procedures .you can install the VLSub Addon on the VLC music player and automatically download the subtitle for the movie movie while watching the film. 

 You don’t need to search the subtitle manually in the google search. Just Your job is to install the VLSUB plugin and enjoy the movie with subtitle  without downloading .

How to Download Subtitles in VLC Media Player:


  • To get the subtitles , you need to download and install VLSUB extension.


  •  After Extracting the folder, youc an find the Vlsub.lua file


  • Extract the file with “.bat” extension on your computer( if the VLC player is not installed in your system, then you install it then move the file to the extension folder. )


  • In the computer the VLSUB file is stored in the C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions path.( if you  didn’t found any extension folder then create the new folder in the name of extension)





  • then  double Click “Enter” wait for few seconds,you will find Installation Successful.Close it.


  • Now, Open the VLC and Play any video and open the VLSUB from the menus, View-> VLSUB0.9 option.


  •  In the VLSUB window, You can choose the language of subtitle and search with 2 option.


                                                      1.“Search By Name”  

                                                        2.“Search By Hash” .


                  If you click the  Search by Name Options, it returned many results, but the Search By Hash returns only minimal best results.


                   better select the  “Search by Hash” option


  • . Now you can easily find the subtitle , just  download selection to load that in the current playing movie automatically.

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