Everyone is using facebook to chat with their friends, relatives, colleges, and the acquaintances. but you won’t want to mix up all, sometime you want to touch with your relatives separately for your privacy. for that purposes or the some other reasons you need the another facebook account.
but it is hard to access from different mail ids.Facebook does not allow to make multiple accounts with same e-mail address but  with this simple trick you can easily make multiple Facebook account with the same email address. It is possible with a simple Gmail trick.
Gmail and GoogleMail
when you make Gmail account, you get your email address as XXXXXX@gmail.com.  but do you know that when you are creating a Gmail account you are observed with two email addresses as below.

 If you make a Gmail account named


You get another email address named


And These two accounts are the same. If you send an email to example@googlemail.com it is also available on example@gmail.com


Everybody know that the  gmail  and teh googlemail is the same one. ‘g’ is the extion of google. if  you login to the Gmail is same to the googlemail. you don’t need to  register again.

Using the above method you can also  create two facebook accounts

For example you can login in  XXX@gmail.com either  XXX@googlemail.com. If you have already created a facebook account using “gmail.com”, you can make another account using “googlemail.com”.

When you create a new account you will be asked to verify the account using email account. You have to do is Login to Gmail account normally giving the username without “gmail.com” or “googlemail.com” part.  they will send the confirmation mail to the same email id. After the comfirmation of the 2 emails, you can able to access the 2 facebook account from the same gmail id.

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